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DZ Sports - United Kingdom

Freefall Gear Store - United Kingdom

Skydive Now - United Kingdom

Jedi Airwear - United Kingdom

Tunnelfly Skyshop - Germany
270 Skydive Gearshop - Spain

Riggerloftet - Denmark

L' Atelier du Parachutiste - France


Chutingstar Superstore - USA
Skydiving Gear Canada - Canada

Rest of the world

Email us directly for Australia
Skydive Auckland - NZ

Dealer Enquiries
Overdose Industries LTD is always open to working with new dealers. For further information please get in touch through or website of by emailing



The company
Overdose Industries LTD believes in finding simple, innovative solutions to things that could be done better around the dropzone. Our skydiving accessories currently include a G3 cutaway system and a legstrap bungee. A strong emphasis is placed on customer service and since starting in 2017 we have sold our products to over 30 countries and more than 1000 customers.

The Owner

Dave grew up in a regional part of Queensland, Australia, before leaving in 2009 to travel the world having just earned his A licence. Since then he has been lucky enough to jump in Asia, North America and Europe and clocked up a swag of ratings from the APF, CSPA, USPA and BPA, over 5000 jumps and 30 hours of tunnel time plus manufacturer ratings from Squirrel and UPT. Dave is a very keen wingsuiter and photographer and has a keen interest in gear.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Phone: (+61) 475096623

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