Removable leg strap bungee for people who wingsuit and do other cool stuff too! The two part design allows the bungee to be connected and disconnected to allow the easy fitting and removal of your rig from your wingsuit. Half elastic and half gutted paracord prevents the bungee from being 'pinged' while wearing your rig.


The smooth plastic barrel is safe against the fabric of your wingsuit and snag resistant; none of the test jumpers reported feeling the plastic barrel while sitting on the floor or benches of various aircraft or while sliding out fast downwinders.


Technical specs: Minimum fitted length length: ~75mm (3”). Barrel height: 15.5mm Barrel Length 48mm. Supplied with 400mm 4mm shock cord and ~25cm finger-trapped gutted paracord.

Wingsuit Legstrap Bungee

  • To close: rotate the male connecter 1.5 turns counterclockwise before inserting into the female connector and tightening; this will prevent twists in the system.


    Installation: see the video here. Larks-head the paracord to the attachment point on the leg strap and slide the female half of the connecter over the paracord narrow end first (you may need to squeeze the hotknifed edge flat). Tie a double overhand knot in the line so it is at the correct length when the knot is seated at the base of the female half. To attach the male half push the elastic through the attachment point on the other legstrap and fold in half. Push the two ends through the small hole on the male half of the connector (this may take a small amount of effort). Tie the two lengths together in a double overhand knot so when the knot is seated in the connector the system will be at the correct length. Cut the excess from from both sides leaving at last 2cm (4/5 inch) remain above the knot.


    Sizing: the system should be at half stretch when rig is properly fitted and the use is standing in a half squat position (thighs parallel with the ground) and feet shoulder width apart. Sizing can be based on a bungee currently fitted or by using a pull-up cord tied between the two attachment points to asses correct length.

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